Life Drawing

Attended another local Life Drawing session, this week the focus was on looking at tone and colour. Started with a few five minute poses. I used a 2B mechanical pencil for these sketches. After the shorter poses, then moved on to doing some slightly longer drawings using watercolours. Wasn't as comfortable sketching with these as … Continue reading Life Drawing


Groups of figures

Project 5 The moving figure Exercise 2: Groups of figures My first approach to this exercise was to sit in one of my local Starbucks and have a go at sketching people. It took me a while to get comfortable with this idea: I sketched very quickly and tried to pick out details without staring … Continue reading Groups of figures

Research point: Foreshortening

Foreshortening Foreshortening is an interesting concept, and is something I've found quite difficult. Foreshortening, which was developed during the Renaissance, can be defined as the following: "to shorten by proportionately contracting in the direction of depth so that an illusion of projection or extension in space is obtained" ( I had a couple of attempts … Continue reading Research point: Foreshortening