Assignment Four – 2: Figure study using tone

I decided to use the same model from the first part of this assignment for this drawing, and wanted to develop some specific sketches from earlier in the course: In this study, I sketched my friend as he reclined on his bed working on his laptop. I liked these, because I was able to switch … Continue reading Assignment Four – 2: Figure study using tone


Three figure drawings

Project 4 Structure Exercise 2 Three figure drawings Using different tools, materials and supports, work on three drawings of your model: Standing Seated Lounging I initially started by asking my sister to do a couple of standing poses for me, which I started by sketching, but because we had limited time, I also took a … Continue reading Three figure drawings


Project 5 Townscapes Exercise 4: Statues I really enjoyed this exercise. I used a HB sketching pencil for this exercise, and I found that there was plenty of sources of inspiration when walking out in town. One statue that particularly interested me was that of Sir Thomas Browne, which is situated in Norwich Marketplace. I … Continue reading Statues