Life Drawing

This session focussed on drawing using oil pastels, using contrasting colours, drawing the model in a range of short poses, ranging between 5 and 15 minutes.


Workshop: Still Life – Abstract Approaches

I enjoy attending local workshops, as I often find that I try different techniques than those I would do independently. The workshop I went to today was no exception. In this session, there was a small group of objects set up in the middle of the room as a 'still life' and the task was … Continue reading Workshop: Still Life – Abstract Approaches

Experimenting with expressive lines and marksĀ 

Project 1 Feeling and expression Exercise 1: Experimenting with expressive lines and marks Feeling and expression looks at drawing as a way of expressing inner feelings.This first exercise is focused around understanding how to make marks express a feeling. The exercise involved using a range of materials and four sheets of A1 paper folded into … Continue reading Experimenting with expressive lines and marksĀ