Emphasising form with cloth

Project 1: Fabric and Form Exercise 2 Emphasising form with cloth I wasn't quite sure how best to approach this exercise, but my housemate offered to let me sketch him as he worked on his laptop: I managed to get a couple of sketches out of this, though he did move quite a bit! As … Continue reading Emphasising form with cloth


Parallel perspective – an interior view

Project 4 Perspective Exercise 1: Parallel perspective - an interior view Perspective is something that I have often struggled with. There are various forms of perspective, and one of the most simple is that of 'linear perspective', which is also known as 'one-point perspective'. I thought I'd try the example that was mentioned in the … Continue reading Parallel perspective – an interior view

360º studies

Project 2 Landscape Exercise 3: 360º studies The course book for this suggested an expansive landscape, so I continued my walking from the last exercise and found a spot on a field at UEA.   Learning points / notes: The space wasn't as 'expansive' as I'd originally thought; Fifteen minutes goes really quickly, had problems … Continue reading 360º studies