Three figure drawings

Project 4 Structure Exercise 2 Three figure drawings Using different tools, materials and supports, work on three drawings of your model: Standing Seated Lounging I initially started by asking my sister to do a couple of standing poses for me, which I started by sketching, but because we had limited time, I also took a … Continue reading Three figure drawings


Life Drawing

Today's session once again started with a few five minute poses to warm up, then moved on to working with charcoal and a putty rubber. Drawing on the work from the previous two sessions, this one was focused on drawing with contrast again, though this time was more subtle than using chalk, and using a … Continue reading Life Drawing

Parallel perspective – an interior view

Project 4 Perspective Exercise 1: Parallel perspective - an interior view Perspective is something that I have often struggled with. There are various forms of perspective, and one of the most simple is that of 'linear perspective', which is also known as 'one-point perspective'. I thought I'd try the example that was mentioned in the … Continue reading Parallel perspective – an interior view