Life Drawing

Today's session once again started with a few five minute poses to warm up, then moved on to working with charcoal and a putty rubber. Drawing on the work from the previous two sessions, this one was focused on drawing with contrast again, though this time was more subtle than using chalk, and using a … Continue reading Life Drawing


Essential elements

Project 3: Form Exercise 2 Essential elements This exercise was a task to draw a sequence of six different poses lasting ten minutes or so. This is something I have been tasked with at each of my weekly life drawing sessions, and I have had varying degrees of success. In the last session I started … Continue reading Essential elements

Research point: Foreshortening

Foreshortening Foreshortening is an interesting concept, and is something I've found quite difficult. Foreshortening, which was developed during the Renaissance, can be defined as the following: "to shorten by proportionately contracting in the direction of depth so that an illusion of projection or extension in space is obtained" ( I had a couple of attempts … Continue reading Research point: Foreshortening