Rembrandt: Lightening the Darkness

I recently went to see an exhibition of Rembrandt's etchings that was on in Norwich's Castle Museum. This exhibition featured more than seventy of Rembrandt's etchings, of a range of sizes and subjects. I was particularly interested in his approach to portraiture, and was surprised by how small some of the works were! I noted … Continue reading Rembrandt: Lightening the Darkness


Formatic Feedback for Part 3 / Assignment Three

As with my earlier Assignments, I opted to receive written feedback from my tutor, and I have tried to summarize and reflect on this feedback. I have used italics for the feedback and added my own comments and thoughts in standard text: Overall Comments Getting closer to working out a relationship with charcoal - still … Continue reading Formatic Feedback for Part 3 / Assignment Three


Project 5 Townscapes Exercise 4: Statues I really enjoyed this exercise. I used a HB sketching pencil for this exercise, and I found that there was plenty of sources of inspiration when walking out in town. One statue that particularly interested me was that of Sir Thomas Browne, which is situated in Norwich Marketplace. I … Continue reading Statues