Assignment Four – 3: Self-Portrait

I started drawing myself for the first part of this assignment (Assignment Four – 1: Figure Study Using Line), which didn't work as well as I intended. After abandoning these drawings for Assignment 4.1 I decided to revisit this idea for 4.3, as I wanted to challenge myself. When I started studying with the OCA, I … Continue reading Assignment Four – 3: Self-Portrait


Assignment Four – 2: Figure study using tone

I decided to use the same model from the first part of this assignment for this drawing, and wanted to develop some specific sketches from earlier in the course: In this study, I sketched my friend as he reclined on his bed working on his laptop. I liked these, because I was able to switch … Continue reading Assignment Four – 2: Figure study using tone

Assignment Four – 1: Figure Study Using Line

I had a few thoughts for the first part of Assignment Four, which was a ‘Figure study using line (A1) - Seated model in an upright chair. I could think of various techniques and materials that would suit this study: Continuous line drawing Contour drawing Pen and ink Hatching, cross-hatching, outlines. I started by sketching … Continue reading Assignment Four – 1: Figure Study Using Line

Research point: artists’ self-portraits

Project 6 The Head Research point: Artists' self-portraits The first thing I noticed when looking at artists' self-portraits, was that they rarely seem to be flattering! Personally, I found that when drawing my own, there was a conscious effort to draw realistically, rather than toning down features that you perhaps dislike about yourself - as … Continue reading Research point: artists’ self-portraits

Your own head

Project 6 The Head Exercise 2 : Your own head This was probably one of the most difficult (and daunting) exercises for me so far! Create two interesting images of your own head. You'll need to think about the pose, measuring, tonal variation and lines and marks. Don't worry about producing an attractive or accurate … Continue reading Your own head