About Me

I am a current student of the OCA, having just completed the Visual Studies 1: Creative Arts Today module, now working on Drawing 1: Drawing Skills. I am ultimately aiming to complete the Creative Arts degree programme.

For a few years now I have been contemplating enrolling this particular course, with particular interests in Drawing and Photography. I have previously successfully completed a BA (hons) in English with Cultural Studies, but have ever since regretted not ‘taking the plunge’ and going for something more creative.

I have been interested in these particular mediums for many years now, and have been experimenting with the medium of pyrography. Unfortunately due to a lack of confidence, my experience in these mediums have been sporadic and somewhat unfocussed, but I have had some very positive feedback from people that have seen and bought my art, which has been very encouraging! I am hoping that this course will allow me to progress and develop my skills.

As well as my online learning logs for my studies, last year I started using blogs to record my personal progress and keep myself motivated. These can all be accessed using the Links option on the menu bar.

My first blog post outlined my aims from this course, which can also be accessed here.


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