Essential elements

Project 3: Form

Exercise 2 Essential elements

This exercise was a task to draw a sequence of six different poses lasting ten minutes or so.

This is something I have been tasked with at each of my weekly life drawing sessions, and I have had varying degrees of success.

In the last session I started by drawing the figure in pencil, and then worked in charcoal. I found when I swapped to using the charcoal, I was a lot bolder with my drawing, and able to capture the light and dark more.


Although I lost the details of the model’s face through drawing with charcoal, I do feel that I was able to capture the basic shapes better when the model was sitting and had bent limbs than when standing straight up. I also feel that there is more of a sense of weight in the last two poses: the light focussed to one side of the model really helped me when shading in this instance.

I do tend to feel more comfortable sketching the figure with pencils, where I can use lighter lines that are more easily erased. To try to combat this, I am going to try to use alternate materials to draw with, such as pen, ink and charcoal, or try working in colour with pastels.



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