A longer study

Project 2: Proportion

Exercise 2 A longer study

For this exercise, I asked my housemate if he would be happy for me to draw him again, which he agreed to do. Although I have been fortunate to find a life drawing class local to me, I have found that most of the sessions (so far) have consisted of shorter poses.

I wanted to draw a person in a natural pose for this exercise, and my first thought was to try sketching Jon as he did a repetitive task, such as ironing – but I found that he moved too much for me to draw him!

I then had the idea of drawing Jon while he played an Xbox game, finding that while he was focussed on the screen, he didn’t fidget too much and wasn’t distracted by me drawing him!



I then stepped back and made some notes:

  • I think I have captured the characteristics of the pose pretty well overall, even the look of concentration on his face (despite drawing much dreaded glasses!).
  • The body has a good presence on the paper, and I think the inclusion of the armchair and shadow under this helps with this somewhat.
  • The main thing that is niggling me about proportions in this drawing is his right shoulder – it still looks higher than it should do, and his legs don’t quite look right with the folds of the jeans.
  • I’m quite pleased with how I have captured his face, as it is definitely out of my comfort zone – I am finding it challenging knowing how much definition and detail to give different features in a figure drawing.
  • I will hopefully try drawing this pose again, and be a bit more adventurous with mediums and paper size.

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