Quick studies

Project 2 Proportion

Exercise 1: Quick studies

I used two separate life drawing classes as my basis for this exercise – I drew the figure in a range of positions. I tried a range of techniques, including measuring by holding my pencil at arms length, drawing a rough ‘skeleton’ first, and starting my drawing at different points.

I also used a range of materials, including pencil, conte crayons, graphite stick, felt tip pen, and the effect of a wash for shading.


Graphite pencil, 5 mins.


Graphite, 5 mins.


Graphite, 5 mins.


Graphite, 5 mins.


Conte crayon, 15 minutes.


Conte crayon, 15 minutes.


Graphite, 15 minutes.


Graphite, 15 minutes.


I found I struggled with the ‘starting point’ in most of the drawings, and would often hesitate before starting. I found that some of my drawings I found it easier to start by drawing the shape of the head, then use that as a rough guide for measuring the rest of the figure. I did try to start at different points though, such as the middle.

I also found it beneficial in many instances to draw a rough stick figure as a guide, and then sketch the overall body shape and features around that.

Felt tip, 5 minutes.

Felt tip, 5 minutes. 


Felt tip, 10 minutes. I wasn’t happy with this one at all – I found it difficult to start with, and made a mess trying to include some facial features. 


Felt tip, 10 minutes. Although I think I got most of the size and proportions right, the feet need looking at more. I also need to add a background or shadow to my figure, so it doesn’t look as though it’s floating in mid air!


Felt tip, 10 minutes (and an additional couple of minutes to apply a wash). This is probably my favourite drawing so far – the pose was quite difficult, as the legs were at different angles, and there was a lot of foreshortening when looking at the left leg. I think I captured the overall proportions right, though I really do need to work on drawing facial features. 


Continuous line drawing exercise, felt tip, 5 minutes. I always find this exercise weird to do – firstly where to start, then where to draw the lines, how far do you continue down the arms, for example?


Felt tip, 10 minutes. I think I got the proportions right for this post – the straight broom handle helped, as I measured that against the head, and used it to support the figure. 


Felt tip, 10 minutes. Although I got a lot of the proportions right, I did mess up slightly, running out of paper for the feet! 


Felt tip, 5 minutes. I ran out of time on this sketch – I was a little slow starting as had trouble measuring the head, particularly when looking at the width, and where to draw the head on the paper!


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