Emphasising form with cloth

Project 1: Fabric and Form

Exercise 2 Emphasising form with cloth

I wasn’t quite sure how best to approach this exercise, but my housemate offered to let me sketch him as he worked on his laptop: I managed to get a couple of sketches out of this, though he did move quite a bit!


This was probably my most successful sketch, taking only ten minutes I used Derwent Graphite sticks. The lighting was from a regular overhead bulb light.


My second attempt, using a graphite pencil, was also completed quite quickly, but I don’t think the medium allowed me to emphasise the form as well as in the previous sketch.


This sketch was completed at a life drawing session. The black dressing gown was quite difficult to draw, and possibly would have worked better with lighting to the side of the model.

As I sketched, and observed how fabric affects the overall form of a person, I noted the following:

  • It is a lot more difficult to measure proportions, including foreshortened limbs,  particularly when the fabric is thicker;
  • As with the last exercise, I found that some mediums were a lot more suited to observing the softness of the fabric, such as the graphite sticks.

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