Project 5 Townscapes

Exercise 4: Statues

I really enjoyed this exercise. I used a HB sketching pencil for this exercise, and I found that there was plenty of sources of inspiration when walking out in town. One statue that particularly interested me was that of Sir Thomas Browne, which is situated in Norwich Marketplace.

I think the main thing that interested me was the positioning of the figure, and also the challenges in drawing this – particularly the issue of foreshortening.


My first sketch was very quick, and was of some distance away, so I didn’t include much detail. I think I managed to sketch the proportions fairly accurately. 


My second attempt was a bit better, and drawn from a slightly different viewpoint to that of my first sketch. I struggled with the features, particularly the face and hands. 


As noted in my first couple of sketches, I found drawing the face difficult. I then decided to challenge myself to draw just the face. Oddly it was easier to sketch the face as a standalone subject, than when it was included on the body!


After the previous sketches, I saw this statue of Nelson and thought it would be fairly simple to sketch, but actually found this angle and pose more difficult than the last one! 



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