A limited palette study

Project 5 Townscapes

Exercise 3: A limited palette study

I found this exercise quite difficult to approach, especially following on from the last exercise! I decided to develop my line drawing from Exercise 2: Study of a townscape using line in colour for this exercise, as it was a scene I particularly liked, and I was interested to find out whether drawing it with a different medium or in a different style would change the focus of it.

I looked at using the traditional palette, and as I did not have any conté pencils, I decided to use my conté crayons on A3 paper.

After the detail in the last drawing, I found it quite fun and freeing to use conté crayons…I also found that by using these it made me focus more on the river as being the centre of the drawing.

I kept my sketching style quite loose in this drawing, and tried to draw without overthinking too much.


This was an odd scene to draw with a limited colour palette, as it was a very grey scene anyway – the river and sky was grey, and the buildings, particularly the newer flats were quite often white or cream coloured! The path did give me a chance to use some colour though, as it was a reddish brown colour.

I think next time I try something like this, I will get some conté or pastel pencils, as I think they will allow me to have a bit more control over the areas I am shading, and in the amount of detail I can include.


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