Study of a townscape using line

Project 5 Townscapes

Exercise 2: Study of a townscape using line

For this exercise, it was suggested to make preliminary drawing of this study of two pages in my sketchbook. I already had an idea in mind that I wanted to have a go at drawing: a view from a bridge in my local town. I started by doing a brief sketch of each side of the bridge. I kept the perspective fairly simply, by positioning myself in the centre of the bridge, so the river would be central to the drawing.


I ruled this side out for this particular exercise, as I found when sketching that there wasn’t enough detail for me in a line study


As I was sketching the view this side of the bridge, I found I enjoyed drawing the interesting shapes of the balcony’s on the flats

The sketches were very fast, as the weather was quite unpredictable: it was quite breezy and intermittently rainy, which was problematic when drawing! As it was early evening, the river and the streets were pretty empty of people, but it was still light enough for the buildings to cast a shadow on the water.

I then decided to use a mapping pen and ink on A3 Bristol Board for this study:


Townscape Using Line – Mapping Pen and Black Ink on A3 Bristol Board. 

I think another time, I would try to make more time and do more preliminary sketches, and perhaps try to find some indoor places I could sit and draw from (rainy/windy weather has limited my outdoor sketching time!) as I found that my initial sketch gave me enough to work on when drawing the main lines for perspective, but I did have to refer to my reference photos more for the finer details in the buildings.

I do like having a combination of sketches and photographs to draw reference from – although I perhaps would not work solely off a photo, as I think the perspective can appear somewhat fixed and flattened.


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