Aerial or atmospheric perspective

Project 3 Perspective

Exercise 3: Aerial or atmospheric perspective

In this exercise I tried to create a sense of distance through the use of tone and details. I worked in my A4 sketchbook for this exercise, and tried sketching a few different locations, and used pencil, tinted charcoal pencils and charcoal.


Slipway, Derwent Tinted Charcoal Pencils, A4.


Road, Willow charcoal, A4. 


Boat Park, HB Pencil, A4. 

I think the pencil and charcoal pencils worked better in this exercise, the willow charcoal would have been better if I’d used a different type of paper, and perhaps on a larger scale.

For the sketch of the boat park I used HB pencil, and found that I was able to build up more detail and create depth using tone – the trees especially stood out well in the foreground.


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