Angular perspective

Project 3 Perspective

Exercise 2: Angular perspective

After looking at one-point perspective, moving on to ‘angular’ or ‘two-point perspective’ was not quite as difficult as I thought it would be.

Angular perspective comes in to play when looking at objects from the ‘corner-on’, where there is a straight edge facing out at the viewer. It is generally expected that the parallel lines for this would meet far off the page when used in drawing.


I started trying to sketch a view of some shops in town. I found that the corner of the building was a good reference point for making sure that the vertical lines were correct, and for the top part of the roof, I lightly sketched the perspective line first, before drawing the windows and individual triangle shapes.


After photocopying my sketchbook and drawing the perspective lines on again, I discovered that my drawing had been fairly accurate using this method, though there was a couple of points it had gone astray!


I then tried the same exercise sketching a somewhat simpler building. I positioned myself so that I was facing a corner straight on, and started by drawing the vertical line first. I then used my pencil to work out the angle to draw the roof and added the other details from this.


Again, I photocopied my drawing and drew the parallel lines and the vertical line which was my main vertical reference. I found it difficult to establish a horizontal reference for this as the ground between me and the building was quite hilly!


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