Parallel perspective – an interior view

Project 4 Perspective

Exercise 1: Parallel perspective – an interior view

Perspective is something that I have often struggled with. There are various forms of perspective, and one of the most simple is that of ‘linear perspective’, which is also known as ‘one-point perspective’.

I thought I’d try the example that was mentioned in the coursebook and look through my open door. Through observation I noted how the receding parallel lines of the top and bottom of the door change depending on the viewing angle/height, and that the point at which the lines me also changed from this. The one basic rule of perspective is that the lines will actually appear to meet eventually at the ‘vanishing point’. I found it a lot easier to see when looking at a view of train tracks or a long corridor!


For this first sketch, I tried sketching a basic line drawing of the view through my front doorway. I found this quite problematic, as I moved a couple of times while sketching, and lost the ‘vanishing point’, and I had the additional problem of ‘wonky’ walls in my house! 


I then photocopied the page in my sketchbook and used a pink highlighter to draw lines following the angles in my drawing in the hope that an obvious vanishing point would appear. Unfortunately this was not my most successful drawing, and shows how much even the tiniest movement can affect perspective! 


I thought this sketch in a local cathedral was a lot more successful when looking at perspective. Again, I kept it fairly simple, and mostly focussed on lines, but did put in a little bit of tone. 


As before, I photocopied the page in my sketchbook and drew parallel receding lines with my highlighter, which I was pleased to discover met at a vanishing point in the middle this time!

Things I noted from doing this exercise:

  • Finding the vanishing point can be quite difficult when drawing some scenes, particularly interior views.
  • It sometimes helps to sketch the lines of perspective first, and use this to add the details to – I think this would have helped for my first sketch of the door.
  • It helps to stay in one position while drawing, and not move angles too much!

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