Sketchbook of townscape drawings

Project 5 Townscapes Exercise 1: Sketchbook of townscape drawings For this exercise, I went for a wander around Norwich marketplace.¬†As it was in the early evening, and was a slightly overcast day, just before dark, there wasn't as many people about as there would have been, which made me a feel more at ease wandering … Continue reading Sketchbook of townscape drawings


Life Drawing

I'm jumping around a bit with drawing subjects at the moment, but another life drawing session local to me was recently advertised and so I thought I would take the opportunity to have another go in preparation for Part Four, and register my interest for any future sessions that will be coming up. For this … Continue reading Life Drawing

Parallel perspective – an interior view

Project 4 Perspective Exercise 1: Parallel perspective - an interior view Perspective is something that I have often struggled with. There are various forms of perspective, and one of the most simple is that of 'linear perspective', which is also known as 'one-point perspective'. I thought I'd try the example that was mentioned in the … Continue reading Parallel perspective – an interior view

Research point: Contemporary artists working with landscape

Project 3 Composition Research point In this research point I was asked to use my reading list and other sources to find contemporary artists who work with landscape and a range of viewpoints and to compare their approaches with that of earlier artists. The first example suggested was to compare that of Tacita Dean's blackboard … Continue reading Research point: Contemporary artists working with landscape