360º studies

Project 2 Landscape

Exercise 3: 360º studies

The course book for this suggested an expansive landscape, so I continued my walking from the last exercise and found a spot on a field at UEA.


Fig. 1 – North


Fig. 2 – East 


Fig. 3 – South



Fig. 4 – West

Learning points / notes:

  • The space wasn’t as ‘expansive’ as I’d originally thought;
  • Fifteen minutes goes really quickly, had problems when thinking what detail to include;
  • The field I positioned myself in was in a slight dip – which was handy for shelter (it was quite a breezy day), but not great for viewing;
  • My directional skills needed some work – I used my phone to try to start at ‘North’ but found when I went to do the second sketch, I may have been facing more ‘NE’…was a lesson in learning to either calibrate my tools or do research beforehand!
  • Using pencil was good, as it made me think more about using line to capture details quickly, but charcoal or graphite block may have been better for capturing the tone;
  • The time of the day has a big effect – the shadows changed a lot during the time I was sitting there, partly due to moving clouds, but also as the sun started to go down;
  • Clouds and trees – drawing them individually and as part of a quickly sketched landscape are two very different things!
  • Perspective is something I find difficult – particularly angles…I am trying to work on this by using my pencil, held out at arms length in front of me, to ‘measure’ not only the proportions but also the angle at which a line should be drawn at.



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