Sketchbook walk

Project 2 Landscape

Exercise 2: Sketchbook walk

Something I have been trying to work on is sketching…in particular being able to capture the basic elements of a scene or object quickly.

For this exercise I walked around the UEA campus, which is somewhere I am very familiar with, and that has many distinctive features.


Fig. 1 – UEA square


Fig. 2 – Arts Building walkway


Fig. 3 – Bike sheds


Fig. 4 – Side view of Ziggurat

I kept my sketches to no more than fifteen minutes for each, and stuck to using a B sketching pencil. These were all completed in my A4 sketchbook.

One of the main issues I find when sitting outside and sketching is the problem of people – I find it quite a distraction and quite often feel self-conscious!

All of these sketches were made in the afternoon/early evening, approximately 5-6pm. The weather was warm and breezy, and the moving clouds meant that it was occasionally overcast – this was variable though.

There are a lot of repeated shapes in my sketches around campus: there is lots of concrete, bricks and trees; all of which contrast with each other.

Things to work on:

  • using shading in sketches to show tone;
  • perspective;
  • using a viewfinder to focus on specific parts of a scene.

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