Research point: Vija Celmins

Project 2 Landscape

Research point

When looking at this artist, I was fascinated by the photo-realistic qualities of her pencil drawings.

The video focussed on some of Celmin’s drawings and sculptures of stones, and when searching for more images online I was fascinated to see images of skies, stars and spider webs all depicted with the same level of realism.

The following two images are from the Tate website, and are part of a series of four drawings that were created in 1975:

Vija Celmins, ‘Ocean’ 1975

Fig. 1: Ocean (Celmins, 1975)

Fig. 2: Sky (Celmins, 1975)

In her work To Fix the Image in MemoryCelmins made bronze casts of rocks and then painting them to look as much like the original stones as possible.

The level of detail in her work is very inspiring, and I hope to try some similar techniques in some of my future drawing.


Figure 1: Celmins, V. (1975) Ocean. [Lithograph on paper, 317x420mm]. London: Tate. Viewed online at: (Accessed on 2 August 2017)

Figure 2: Celmins, V. (1975) Sky. [Lithograph on paper, 315x420mm]. London: Tate. Viewed online at: (Accessed on 2 August 2017)


Institut für Kunstdokumentation (2011) Vija Celmins / Desert, Sea and Stars. At: (Accessed on 2 August 2017)

Tate (2017) Vija Celmins. At: (Accessed on 2 August 2017)

The Museum of Modern Art (2017) Vija Celmins – To Fix the Image in Memory, 1977-82. At: (Accessed on 2 August 2017)


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