Project 2 Landscape

As I noticed in my last exercise, Study of several trees, trying to focus on an overall scene in a landscape is actually a lot more difficult in practice than in theory, and is as much about choosing what details to focus on and what to simplify – for instance, drawing an impression of trees or stones, rather than drawing each individual leaf or object.

After reading the introduction to this part of the course handbook, I made a few notes on landscapes:

  • Landscapes don’t have to be beautiful to be interesting;
  • Depicting landscape can be as much about the elements as it is about recording its many forms and features;
  • It is as much about space as it is about physical forms and structures;
  • Light is very changeable, so need to be prepared to either plan to return to the location of the drawing or take a lot of reference photos to work from!
  • Need to think about tone and shadow, and how light can change a scene both atmospherically and structurally.

I already have a few ideas in mind for landscape subjects, being fortunate to live in a location that is near to urban, countryside and coastal scenes I hope to be able to work on a range of styles of drawing.


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