Perspective Workshop with ‘PaintOut Norwich’

I attended a couple of workshops with Paint Out Norwich earlier in the month, one focussing on social media skills for artists, and the other was on perspective drawing.

The perspective workshop started with going through a few ideas for developing perspective drawing techniques. I made the following notes:

  • Rolling up a sheet of paper and use it as a viewfinder;
  • Looking at shapes and focussing on drawing them;
  • Using the rule of thirds;
  • Tracing an image through a window;
  • Marking perspective points onto paper and drawing lines from that;
  • Drawing a grid;
  • Looking at the horizon line and vanishing point;
  • One, Two or Three point perspective;
  • Using viewfinders – can be various shapes and sizes.

After discussing ideas and suggestions we went to go outside to do some sketching. As it started raining, I sat just inside the doorway of a cafe, and sketched the view from the window, focussing specifically on perspective.


I found the bridge quite difficult to draw, not least because of the rise and fall either side, but also because of the combination of the paths on either side of the road and the posts that lined it. Trying to get a sense of distance in this was very difficult, but I think I have roughly managed to identify where the vanishing points and horizon line are. Next time I try this, I will probably use a softer pencil or charcoal/conté sticks to try and speed up my sketching.

I have used the grid method a lot in my personal art work, which often involves drawing from photographs. I tried using a viewfinder for some of the sketchbook work and exercises in Part Two, and think it is something that I will find very useful as I progress through Part Three.

I have noticed that I often find it difficult identifying the vanishing point of a drawing, both with landscape and interiors, and tend to get distracted with objects in the foreground!


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