Project 2 Landscape As I noticed in my last exercise, Study of several trees, trying to focus on an overall scene in a landscape is actually a lot more difficult in practice than in theory, and is as much about choosing what details to focus on and what to simplify - for instance, drawing an … Continue reading Landscape


Study of several trees

Project 1 Trees Exercise 3: Study of several trees I found this exercise quite daunting initially. After drawing trees individually, it at first seemed fairly simple to draw several trees in a composition...until I started looking at drawing them! According to the course handbook, "this drawing demonstrates the artist's abilty to be selective and simplify … Continue reading Study of several trees

Perspective Workshop with ‘PaintOut Norwich’

I attended a couple of workshops with Paint Out Norwich earlier in the month, one focussing on social media skills for artists, and the other was on perspective drawing. The perspective workshop started with going through a few ideas for developing perspective drawing techniques. I made the following notes: Rolling up a sheet of paper … Continue reading Perspective Workshop with ‘PaintOut Norwich’