Life Drawing at Time & Tide Museum

Life Drawing: Time & Tide Museum, Great Yarmouth

Time&Tide LifeDrawing 1

This free event was recommended to me by a local artist. The final one in a series of three sessions, this was the only one that had a space available at the time of booking!

I’m very glad I went along to it, despite only now being on Part Three of Drawing 1, as it gives me an idea of what to look forward to when I attend more of these sessions for Part Four.

The session started with the model moving in a series of quick poses. The idea of these was to produce simple ‘gesture’ sketches, trying to get as much of what I could see onto paper as quick as possible. The first one was 5 minutes, second was 3 minutes, third 2 minutes and the final one was only 1 minute.

I found my main problem with these ones was judging the size – I kept running out of space on the paper for the legs!

Then completed a couple of 15 minute poses, while using different techniques with the charcoal. I used a piece of charcoal first to lay a ground on the paper, and then sketched the darker areas onto this, and used an eraser and chalk to ‘lift’ out the highlights.

Following these, there were then a couple of slightly longer poses. The first one I decided to break myself out of my comfort zone with my materials as well as my subject, by using oil pastels. I really did not enjoy these, and I found they didn’t blend nearly as much as I liked.

I then moved back to using charcoal for the next one, but thought I’d have a play with it on the white paper, which was a bit too smooth for charcoal, but was good fun and made some very bold marks.

Returned to sugar paper and a combination of charcoal and chalk for the last one – for this one, the model stood and was lit from a light on the floor, which made some more interesting shades and tones to try to capture – I did feel that 20 minutes was not enough for this one!

Things I have learned:

  • I have a tendancy to draw either too small or draw too big and not allow enough space on the paper.
  • I prefer using chalk pastels to the oil based ones.
  • How to lay a ground with charcoal first, then draw with an eraser. Building tone using a putty rubber is something I need to work on!
  • Doing a few gesture drawings is a great way to loosen up – I am learning that creating art is much like exercise, and is a lot easier after warming up!

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