Assignment Two: brainstorming

I wasn’t sure at first whether I wanted to focus on a still life or an interior scene, or a combination of both.

I first read and noted the demonstrable learning outcomes from this assignment, which are the following:

  • the use of colour in drawing
  • the most appropriate medium for the subject
  • composition and context
  • mark-making and contrasts of line and tone
  • accurate and expressive depiction of form
  • experimentation with idea material and method.

I brainstormed and made some notes.

Thoughts for the Assignment 

  • I don’t want the final piece to look too ‘busy’;
  • if my focus is on an interior, it needs to be interesting – creating shadow and tone, perhaps using a corner window sill;
  • naturalistic approach to demonstrate fine observation;
  • I want to use something with an interesting context as well as interesting composition;
  • I liked the ideal of drawing a still life composition from one of my interior sketches – a couple in particular caught my interest: one was the red guitar that I drew in earlier exercises, and another was my housemates collection of esoteric/ritual objects from his alter;
  • I decided to use the ritual objects, as I found that there was a range of textures, shapes and sizes to work with, and I liked the idea of drawing composition of objects that had context;
  • Decided to experiment more with using colour, particularly through pastels, which I have found to be a very enjoyable and expressive medium.

I like that the whole group of objects has a very limited palette range: mostly consisting of browns and blacks, but with a couple of items in blue and red.


I also like the range of textures – there are both natural and man-made materials in this group of objects.


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