Research point: unusual or multiple viewpoints

The course handbook referenced two images: Mrs Madeleine Jocelyne with her Son by Anthony Green, and Male Model with Kimono, Female Model with Mirror by Philip Pearstein.

Mrs Madeleine Jocelyne With Her Son [Green, 1993, Artfund]

Male Model with Kimono, Female Model with Mirror [Pearlstein, 1985]

My initial thoughts when looking at both of these images were that I did not know quite where I was supposed to be looking – there didn’t seem to me to be a clear path for my eye to find a focus point. That being said, I do like the idea of challenging the traditional viewpoints through the use of mirrors and reflections – this is something that interests me. The use of a mirror in Pearlstein’s painting offers multiple angles of the same subject…the woman can be seen both close up and facing away from the viewer, and also from a distance as though looking straight past the viewer.

I then had a look for more examples of contemporary artists that focus on domestic interiors, particularly ones that offer a different, somewhat less realistic view of interiors. Even with this, I found that I am more drawn to images that have a clear lighting source, or a mirror/reflective surface, such as a window.

Large Interior (1988, Hockney)

This example by David Hockney, is a particularly colourful example, and appears to show the interior using a range of viewpoints. This is achieved through opening the walls, and through the use of light and shadows in various directions. It also reflected some of the bolder styles that were around at the time.

Interior with Mirrored Wall (Lichtenstein, 1991)

I looked at a few of Lichtenstein’s paintings, but it was Interior with Mirrored Wall that initially caught my eye. There is a strong focus on the use of lines in this painting, and these are used to show the objects and the reflected objects. This painting was created in the early 90s, which is to me a reflection of what that decade represents – a culture consisting of references to earlier works, whether that be art, music or film.


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