Material differences

Project 3: At home

Exercise 3: Material differences

For this exercise I worked on A2 paper. I decided to go with the composition in portrait, looking at my kitchen through my breakfast/dining room.

I first sketched out the composition lightly with pencil, then I outlined the darkest areas of the drawing with pen. I had planned to use charcoal, but on discovering a carbon stick in among my drawing materials, I decided to use this in my drawing and make some of the darker tones even darker with the carbon.

After shading the darkest areas with carbon, I then worked on building up the rest of the tone using charcoal.

The sun was shining through the kitchen window, which contrasted with everything that was below this and in shadow. The challenge for me was when looking at the highlights wondering what to draw and what to leave on the paper – especially when looking at individual objects like the wine glass and cup!

I initially sketched the lines and added some tone with black pen and carbon from life, but then as I really wanted to capture the effect when the light was shining directly through the window, lighting the room from behind the washing up/coffee machine, I had to resort to finishing building up tone from a photo.


Stepping back and looking at my finished drawing, I thought I’d done a reasonable job at using tone to show the different materials and surfaces in my drawing, particularly through using my fingers to smudge the charcoal on the smoother surfaces, such as the wall, and using rougher shading for the carpet and grain on the wood.

A particular challenge I found with this composition was all of the vertical lines – unfortunately my house is quite wonky, and trying to copy this effect has resulted in an overly wonky looking kitchen door!



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