Quick sketches around the house

Project 3: At home

Exercise 1: Quick sketches around the house

I found this exercise both daunting and exciting at the same time. I worked in my A4 sketchbook, and used a range of materials, switching between them as I switched view points and rooms in my house.

Fig. 1 – Quick sketches in my kitchen (conte crayon)

Fig. 2 – Quick sketches in my breakfast/dining room (charcoal pencil)

Fig. 3 – Quick sketches in my conservatory (brown conte crayon)

Fig. 4 – Quick sketches in my hallway/breakfast room (Derwent Graphik Line Maker, 0.3)

Fig. 5 – Quick sketches in my lounge (Graphik Line Maker, 0.5)

I opted to do two sketches at a time in each room, and used a variety of materials, including conte crayon, charcoal pencil and pen.

I think my strongest drawings were made when I switched to sketching straight onto the paper with pen, as I found I worked a lot quicker when I couldn’t blend or erase mistakes. I found I didn’t enjoy sketching with the charcoal pencil as much as I thought I would, partly because it kept breaking, but also partly because the lines didn’t seem as bold as they were with the conte crayon.

I found perspective quite difficult in these, and found focussing on the corners of rooms much more interesting. The three I enjoyed the most were the two sketches in Figure 4 – when I sat on the floor with a view of my kitchen, the hallway and of the lounge, which also included my housemates guitar that I drew earlier in the course.


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