Pastels for Pleasure

As I was working through Part Two, I started looking around for more opportunities to practise some of the techniques that I was looking at in the course handbook. After seeing a course advertised on Facebook called "Introduction to Pastels for Pleasure" that's local to me, I signed up. The course consists of a two … Continue reading Pastels for Pleasure


Still life using line

Project 2: Still life Exercise 1: Still life using line I found this exercise quite difficult to start with, and struggled to think of ideas for drawing that would work, so I started by sketching a range of objects in my sketchbook, and have abandoned a number of unfinished sketches in the process! I found it difficult … Continue reading Still life using line

Formative Feedback for Part 1/ Assignment One

For Part One and Assignment One, I received my formative feedback from my tutor in written form. I have tried to summarize and reflect on this feedback below in italics, and added my own thoughts and reflections in standard text: Overall Comments Log shows that you are┬áthinking about what you am doing, and engaging with … Continue reading Formative Feedback for Part 1/ Assignment One