Assignment One: composition


After choosing my objects, I looked at composing them into a still life arrangement to draw.

I noted some points that I have tried to think about at this stage:

  • Where to set it up?
  • What background/base?
  • Arrangement of objects – positioning, spacing between them, etc.
  • What view/perspective would I be drawing from?
  • What paper to use – size, orientation, etc.
  • Lighting source – natural light/lamp, direction, etc?

I decided to set up my still life on my desk, which had a white(ish) flat surface, with a corkboard in the background. My other reason for setting this up here, was because it is an area which is less likely to be knocked, just in case I want to take breaks.

I positioned my chosen subjects fairly closely together, and tried to keep a contrast between the varying textures.

In my practice drawing I encountered problems with the perspective of ‘odd shaped’ objects, specifically when drawing a camera. Further reading introduced me to the “trimetric system” (Stanyer, 2003:58), which involved drawing the shape of a box first, and imagining the object being encased in it.

After looking at the group of objects, I decided to swap the camera for a small sketchbook, as I didn’t like the overall composition of objects.

Assignment 1 composition brainstorming

I have tried to position the objects together so that as much of the space would be filled as possible, and have decided to try to complete this on a2 paper.

I haven’t fully decided which medium to use yet: I am going to try sketching it in pencil first, and am possibly going to mix mediums, using charcoal for some of the background and shading and pen/pencil for the objects.


Stanyer, P. (2003) The Complete Book of Drawing Techniques. Arcturus Publishing Ltd: England.


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