Assignment One: brainstorming and sketching

Brainstorming and sketching:

I spent quite a bit of time looking for a selection of objects to put together in a still life composition for this assignment.

I found it quite difficult thinking of things that trigger a response, and as well as looking at things with this in mind, I also tried to think of things that had a good range of textures and forms.

After browsing through various items (and getting sidetracked into some general tidying/cleaning!) I decided to look for objects with a goal in mind – ones that perhaps show something of my personality and interests, and I had a go at brainstorming some thoughts and ideas on a sheet of A4 paper…

Brainstorming - assignment one.JPG

One of the first things I thought of drawing was my old DSLR camera.

However, drawing the camera in my sketchbook proved to be something of a problem – for me, the first sketch especially just didn’t look right! Initially I thought that the shape of the camera would be fairly simple, first drawing some guiding lines of a rough shape of a cuboid with a cylinder stuck on the front of it. However, this was not as simple as I first thought. After numerous erased lines, I decided to just commit myself to the image by drawing in pen. For the first sketch, I am happy with the effect of some of the lines showing form and texture, but that is about it – the overall perspective is off.

The second pen sketch, with a view from the back of the camera looks a lot better to me, and I focussed on drawing with small cross hatchings in a similar style to that of Morandi in his still life works.

Assignment 1 sketches - camera.JPG

Other personal objects that had come to mind when brainstorming included a sailing knife, lipstick, and a microwaveable beanie dog. After drawing the knife in pencil, I then thought it would make a much more interesting subject with some of the components partially open.

Assignment 1 sketches - 2.JPG

I think the objects I have looked at so far have a good range of forms and textures, and will be a challenge to draw.

As well as the objects, I am considering materials to draw with. I have been rotating between using drawing pens and a HB mechanical pencil for my initial sketches, and experimenting with the lines – I have only recently decided that pen is a good medium for me, as I lose the option of erasing, and commit to what I am drawing more! As the assignment also specifies using a range of drawing tools, I am also putting thought into what mediums to use, and experimenting with various effects.





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