Creating shadow using lines and marks

Project 2 Basic shapes and fundamental form

Exercise 3: Creating shadow using lines and marks

I chose to focus on drawing a bottle of dark nail varnish, which I drew four times with different materials: HB pencil, black biro pen, black ink and dip pen and a Papermate Flair felt tip pen. I thought by focussing on the same object each time, my focus would then be more on the materials being used, rather than drawing a different object each time. It’s also good to have a comparable difference of how differently the lines created with a dip pen can look compared to a pencil.


After much prevaricating over what to draw next, I then used a black Derwent Grafik 0.5 pen to draw a group of three perfume bottles.


After I’d finished drawing, I looked at the drawings and made some notes:

  • The flat areas are never evenly lit, and the tones and difference between tones are very hard to shade, especially with lines and marks.
  • I found it difficult once again drawing the perspectives with multiple objects, this is something I really do struggle with, especially when drawing from life!
  • I found that it is possible to represent a rounder shape on paper with curved lines.
  • I am not completely happy with the finished shapes, as I think the top of the large bottle looks a bit odd, but I think I managed to get a reasonably good sense of tone in the drawing.

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