Observing shadow using blocks of tone

Project 2 Basic shapes and fundamental form

Exercise 2: Observing shadow using blocks of tone


Travel cup and garlic (12.02.17)

I had a few attempts at this exercise, choosing to draw two pale objects lit from the side with a desk lamp. I thought the objects I had picked were quite simple until I started drawing!

After a few attempts at sketching and erasing in my sketchbook, I switched to using a charcoal pencil, which removed the problems of erasing too much for me. Unfortunately, I had issues with the perspective, and think the shape I used for the travel mug, the top of it in particular, was wrong. This is something I plan to work on.


Pages from A4 sketchbook for Exercise 2 (12.02.17)

I started by blocking out the areas of darker tone, particularly the shadows to the left where it was darkest, and then moved on to the areas where the tone was more graduated. Finally, I used a putty eraser to try to bring out the highlighted bits, and tidy up the edges of the objects.


Part 1: Project 2, Exercise 2 Observing shadow using blocks of tone, willow charcoal on A2 paper (12.02.17)

After I finished drawing, I made some notes on my thoughts and what could be improved:

  • The overall drawing ended up looking a bit flat, as perspective is something I find difficult and need to improve on.
  • A random thought that occured to me while drawing was that realising that my basic drawing skills are very rusty, and although I have being reigniting my interest in drawing in recent years, I have nearly always worked from photographs, which means I now struggle with drawing from real life!
  • The highlighting on the travel mug was more difficult than I thought it would be, and unfortunately my attempts at shading ended up making it look flat.
  • I noted that for any kind of sketching with charcoal, bigger paper is definitely better, though I do sometimes struggle to draw things big enough.
  • To enable me to use more paper space in my drawing, I did lightly sketch out some guiding lines in pencil before starting to draw with the charcoal, which I think helped me to fill the page more than I would have.

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