Groups of objects

Project 2 Basic shapes and fundamental form

Exercise 1: Groups of objects

This was a surprisingly difficult exercise to do. I looked around for a range of objects of different shapes to group together, some of which I had a go at sketching separately in my sketchbook with a regular graphite pencil.

After deciding on a group of objects, I sketched them with a piece of willow charcoal.

Group of objects

  • I prevaricated for a while before setting the objects onto a table, I wanted a combination of shapes and didn’t want to choose things that were too simple!
  • The perfume bottle was one of my favourite objects to sketch, as it had a variety of different curves and reflected the light well.
  • Surprisingly the easiest item to ‘describe’ was the panda salt shaker!

Group of objects, willow charcoal on A2 paper

  • I found perspective one of the most difficult things to draw in this exercise, particularly when looking at the objects as a group.
  • The box of tissues still don’t look quite right to me, but overall I was fairly happy with my sketch.
  • Charcoal is quite a messy medium and is probably best suited to either larger works or areas of shading.

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