Experimenting with texture

Project 1 Feeling and expression

Exercise 2: Experimenting with texture

I collected a range of objects with different surface textures for this exercise, and experimented with different mediums to depict these.

I had a look around my house for a variety of different textures and took some photos. I was suprised when I was looking just how many different textures there are!

I attempted to draw some of these in my sketchbook, and used a range of materials.

Top left was a line drawing, sketching out the pattern on the wood with a drawing pen. The top right was an attempt to depict the shadows on the woven fabric with pastel pencils – I tried both smudging effects and to bring out the highlights with a white pencil, but found the most effective at lifting highlights was to use an electric eraser.

Exercise 2: Experimenting with texture (sketchbook)

The bottom left was a combination of wet and dry watercolour pencil and frottage to try to get the texture of the cork mat. I found that I could get different effects depending what order I combined the pencil with water.

The bottom right was perhaps my favourite medium to work in – oil pastel, which I was quite suprised at, as it’s a medium I have actively avoided!

After this, I then experimented with a range of frottage, which admittedly is something I’ve not tried since I was at school! I actually had a lot of fun doing this exercise:

Exercise 2: Frottage

Exercise 2: Experimenting with texture (cont’d) – frottage (sketchbook)

The first thing I tried was to try three different mediums on lightweight paper on some woodchip wallpaper that I was fairly confident would produce a distinctive texture. I found that the heavier medium, the thick charcoal stick, didn’t actually work too well, as it was too dark and too soft to allow for any highlights to be left. The graphite stick was similarly disappointing. I was actually suprised that it was the regular 2B sketching pencil that produced the best effect. I then decided to try various other materials with a B pencil.

I thought the straw/wicker on the chair seat was the best by far, and produced a very good texture effect on paper. It’s not an effect I would use all that often, but I do like having experimented with different textures and mediums and to have a bit more of an idea of the textures I can create, and what materials are better suited for a particular effect.


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