Warm up – temporary drawings

The aims for this part of the course is to encourage drawing with feeling and expression. This first exercise, as a warm up session, suggested some temporary drawing activities, which I thoroughly enjoyed trying!

The first one I tried was to doodle on the condenstated mirror in my bathroom (Fig. 1.). I found it interesting that I just started drawing the spiral, and almost without meaning to ended up with a depiction of the sun.

I then used one of the suggestions from the course handbook, which was to squeeze washing up liquid into the sink (Fig. 2.).

One of my favourite temporary drawing techniques that I tried though, was that involving an LED light. I set my camera onto a 20 second exposure, and took it in turns with my housemate to draw something with the light (Fig. 3-6).

I noticed that it was very easy to be relaxed and just draw freely when it wasn’t actually making marks onto anything – and both myself and my friend really enjoyed the activity! I do like the way that the camera in this instance has turned a temporary drawing, which wouldn’t even have been properly visible to the human eye, into a clear image.

While doing this exercise, I noted that it seemed that the more temporary the medium (or even simply feeling more temporary), the easier I found to experiment – perhaps because there is no fear of making mistakes?!


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