My aims

Before starting this course, I have taken a moment to consider what I would like to gain from Drawing 1: Drawing Skills. I found that Creative Arts Today allowed me to find my writing style, and has improved my research skills. Drawing to me is an essential skill in the production of art of any kind, and unfortunately is one that I have allowed to get a little rusty…something which I find very frustrating!

My personal aims for this course are to:

  • Improve my drawing skills, and experiment with a wider range of materials;
  • Learn approaches that will enable me to feel more confident drawing different subjects;
  • Master sketching techniques that help me capture moments quickly and effectively;
  • Discover my own style and become more confident in my drawing,
  • Enjoy drawing again simply for myself, and make more time to practice regularly!

According to the course handbook, the course aims and outcomes are:

This course aims to give you the opportunity to:

  • develop your drawing skills
  • draw using a wide range of media and methods
  • develop your visual and artistic awareness and ability to observe selectively
  • develop self-reflective and critical skills

On successful completion of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • demonstrate drawing skills using a wide range of drawing media
  • use drawing, tone and colour to represent three dimensions
  • explain the rudiments of linear perspective and other drawing systems
  • reflect perceptively upon your own learning experience

OCA (2015) Drawing 1: Drawing Skills course handbook


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